The WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK is BATTERY POWERED!  What does battery powered mean in a hand truck?  It means:

•    Strength in moving larger loads;
•    Longer distance moving power;
•    Automatic moving, up or down most ramps;
•    Machine powered, it’s a real mover!
•    And much, much more!

Along with the ability to convert from a two (2) wheel hand truck to a four (4) wheel platform hand truck, the battery powered models can move heavy loads with the touch of a switch.  There is zero human power needed because this amazing WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR COVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK operates mechanically.  Because it is battery powered, the WESCO CORBA PRO JUNIOR can move up a ramp and down a ramp with ease.  The stop and go option is operated with the switch.  It can stop easily and in the middle of the ramp, if necessary.   The speed is controlled with the touch of a fingertip and can be disengaged for manual moving.

The four (4) wheel platform truck version can move as much as twelve hundred (1200) pounds.  If there is a reason to not use the battery power, the stability of this convertible hand truck can be easily operated by hand with very little effort.  The rechargeable battery is reliable but should be charged when necessary.  An overnight charge should be sufficient to give many hours of work the following day.  A charger is included when the WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK is ordered and purchased.  It is suggested that an extra battery pack be ordered which includes two (2) batteries and one (1) case for easy storage.

Two (2) other options for the WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR are a thirty (30) inch folding nose for the platform convertible version and a platform deck that fits the four (4) wheel version for more secure stacking of products during transportation.  While these two (2) options are not required for excellent operation of the PRO JUNIOR, the two (2) options will add to the flexibility and ability of this hand truck.  When purchasing a convertible model of most hand trucks, it is like purchasing two (2) hand trucks in one (1).  When looking for a versatile, powerful mover, a convertible hand truck is a great option.

It operates as a stand up, straight backed model, as well as a flatbed hand truck.  Why purchase two (2) hand trucks when one (1) will do?  If one convertible hand truck will work for the things that need to be moved, transported or delivered, consider the WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK.   A great choice for your business!

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