Escalera Hand truck and Your safety

Are you ready to save some money? You’ve come to the right place and found the best piece of equipment for your moving needs! It is the Escalera Hand Truck!
Another money saver OSHA approvedtool is the Magliner PGA81UM43-3 which can save you money by moving more stock, making fewer trips, and moving it all better, faster, and safer. Productivity can be increased significantly, perhaps as much as twenty five (25%) percent! The more productive the company, the more it can do for the customer! This equipment not only reduces physical stress on your employees but virtually eliminates it because the Magliner Gemini is a CONVERTIBLE ELECTRIC HAND TRUCK! It can move more, further and faster than any manual hand truck. The Gemini is battery powered. It has a nose plate, wheels that stay inflated longer and not one but two caster brakes. The total weight, including the battery, is approximately one hundred twelve (112) pounds.

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