On Sale With Free Shipping – A Reality?

How does ‘on sale’ sound if you are looking for a hand truck that will save your business some cash?! This is the hand truck for you; the Magliner 52” Single Handle model is on sale for twelve (12) per cent off its already low price. What do you need to move? There are optional nose plates that can be added to this great hand truck. Yes, it is can be pushed or pulled easily with the one handle style. It can balance the load and still be operated by the one handle. The one handle style has been described as a pistol grip handle. Made of aluminum, it is lightweight, easy to ship but comes unassembled and must be assembled upon arrival.
Our Customer Service Desk can help find the right model for you if you prefer to have a model that is preassembled and shipped ready to use upon its arrival at your address. Our trained professionals are eager to help answer the questions you might have about this model hand truck and any other model available for purchase from Handtrucks2go.com. Give us a call. We are available at the hours listed on this website.

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The AV Cart

It was said in the most ancient of books that history would dictate that the first ever invention ever created in the world by man was a wheel. It was used to do many things and it was also the start of the rapid growth of our imagination, creativity and desire to be innovative. Since the invention of the wheel mankind has been constantly seeking and improvising on the ways and methods they use to perform their daily tasks and activities.
The AV Cart is one such invention which is a real pleasure to use.

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Lift Truck Types

There many types of lift truck models on the market, it is best to choose one that is fitting to your needs and budget. Also, because of its shape and the way it is a build, a hand truck is easy to store away and would not take up much space at all in your place.

The stacker is also handy for maneuvering heavy objects in almost impossible and compromising positions such as tight corners or confined spaces, keeping in mind that many stores do not have much space or maybe when you need to transport loads through different floors via a lift.. In terms of conserving energy, the hand truck will reduce your trips of going back and forth to collect more items, as loads can be safely piled on each other usually to more than 100kgs, especially bulky ones that are difficult to carry by hand. This prevents the wastage of precious time going back and forth, especially if the distance is far.

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Using A Rock N Roller Cart

Always remember to put the heaviest material on the bottom of your Rock-N-Roller Cart and then followed by the lighter one until it comes to the lightest on the top. This is deliberately for the balance of the material. The next aspect is how you wanted the hand truck to move. This is very easy. The materials that you carried with the hand truck should not face towards you. It must face the opposite way.
Hence, the reason why it should be like that is if you carry the hand truck by letting the material facing you, it might make you difficult to walk. It is better to carry the hand truck by using the other way. As a conclusion, hand truck is one of the ways to help people to moving things and also will help people daily businesses.

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Hand Cart Handles

Let’s move on to how to handle the hand cart? There are several aspects that should be measured carefully. The first one is the weight of the materials that you wanted to carry and the other one is the way you wanted to make the hand truck moving. There is one tip that you will always have to remember when dealing with heavy materials especially when you wanted to carry it from one place to another.

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Cat Eye Craze ~ Cat Eye Glasses

Since their beginnings, Cat Eye glasses have maintained an aura akin to the feline essence. In more than name, these glasses provide their wearer with a sense of mystery and grace reminiscent of the great cats of the world. Some might agree, that these glasses are much more than merely glasses, that they are an extension of a woman’s most intimate sensuality and sensitivity. On that order, it is easy to understand why there are such varying styles of the same genre. Ladies accessorize according to mood quite often, and perhaps even to accommodate their attitude towards any given situation. As one might guess, wholesale cat eye sunglasses in their varying degrees of ‘catiness’ can give a woman that “o-so-perfect” finishing touch as she sets out to accessorize her day.

There are the very simplistic Cat Eyed Glasses that have angled frames, with cat eye shaped lenses; which may convey a lady’s sentiment of subdued superiority (most assuredly an accurate assessment in her eyes). For a more dynamic statement there are Cat Eye glasses to convey this effect as well. Dramatic, exaggerated detail, from frame to lens. Dramatic Cat Eye sunglasses are an exquisite extension of an exhilarating outfit for the right woman. They say that eyes are windows into the soul~is it so surprising that women the world over turn to Cat Eye sunglasses as a means to further express their innermost self? Looking around online I found Lady Gaga wholesale cat eye sunglasses that look pretty cool!

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Hotel Luggage Cart – Do You Need One?

The Hotel Luggage Carts can be operated easily by one person.  Just load up the things that need to be moved and you are on your way to getting the things you need to have moved, easily moved without straining your body or dropping things.  Plus another good quality of the Bellman cart is the coat hooks that are made to carry hanging items without stacking placing them flat on top of stacked luggage.  The coat hooks are sturdy and will hold several hanging up bags at a time.

The sturdy four or six wheels make the Bellman cart easy to move and easy to operate.  Whether the economy model, the mid-range or the luxury model, all of the carts are strong, sturdy, and reliable.  Handtrucks2go.com deals only with merchandise that is built to last.  The uprights are made of metals that are strong and will not bend under normal use.  The platforms are built to last, as well as the wheels. So, buy with confidence because you know the cart you choose will last for years to come.  You can count on the Ex-Cell Bell man Luggage Cart cart you choose.

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Economy Lift Truck Manual Stacker

The Economy Lift Truck Manual Stacker can also be called as a value added product because it not only offers a Value Hydraulic Lift and Fork combination but also comes in a platform style. The carrying capacity of these lifts is gauged at almost 880 pounds. This carrying capacity is well appreciated in the Economy Lift Truck Manual Stackers market. Also the fork widths are quite adjustable and flexible as per need. This way, one can carry a vast variety of the model with different shapes, sizes and specifications. The attached hydraulic pump is foot operated and this aids vastly in the lifting.

This makes the handling operations very easy. The handles of the Economy Lift Truck Manual Stackers are chrome plated, unlike the rubber covered ones of its competitors. Even the rails are plated with chrome. The wheels are made of the material known as polyurethane. The platforms of the Economy Lift Truck Manual Stacker are not only chrome plated but even removable and re attachable. The wheels are evenly sized. One has the option to choose between the locking wheels or the rigid wheels. The locking wheels are 5”, whereas the rigid wheels are 3” in size.

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Stoneware Vertical Chicken Roaster

Do you eat a lot of chicken? We do at our home, probably once or twice a week, and that doesn’t count the occasional chicken nuggets that the kids enjoy. The trick of course is finding different ways to prepare the dishes to keep things interesting. There are chicken cutlets on the grill, fried chicken cooked on the stove, and cubed chicken in the wok. Another delicious way to prepare chicken is baking it. You can use this wonderful Stoneware Vertical Chicken Roaster to prepare a tasty whole chicken baked right in your oven.

Romertopf cookware makes many wonderful cookware pieces including covered clay bakers, fish bakers, vegetable bakers, and more. The cookware is not only durable but very attractive as well. Once you own a piece of Romertopf cookware you’re bound to buy more and end up getting some as gifts for your favorite people as well.

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Tele folding Aluminum Truck

The Tele folding Hand Trucks and especially those from the Regular Series are a good buy this season. They are expandable and easy to use. The Tele folding Aluminum Truck is a platform hand truck that can be folded and expanded quickly. This makes it a very flexible hand truck. The corners are well covered and protected in vinyl, which offers a very smooth finish and long lasting protection from future wear and tear. The equipment is portable and very easy to use. The frame of the Tele folding Aluminum Truck is made of aluminum and is very strong and lightweight in comparison to other similar equipments. This platform truck is apt for usage in homes, offices and everywhere else where you have a need for moving stuff quickly and with minimum stress.Go here to see Handtrucks2go-Aluminum Carts.

One can carry it easily and take it across elevators and even in a car. Apparently one can fold it up and it can be folded roughly up to the size of a suitcase. Thus the Tele folding Hand Truck – Regular Series is a must buy for every household and office having moving needs. Check out more trucks here handtrucks2go-Convertible Hand Trucks.

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Compact Chair and Table Cart

Some carts can move chairs and some other carts can move tables, but the Compact Chair and Table Cart  can do both simultaneously. The one amazing feature of the Compact Chair and Table Cart is that it can carry a lot of chairs and tables at one go. The approximate number of loads that it can carry is 24 folding chairs and 8 folding tables. The Compact Chair and and table cart that can be seen at Handtrucks2go, offers flexibility and convenience at its best. The user can be guaranteed that there would no problem in using the cart in office, warehouses, dining halls, hospitals, etc. where the need to  move chairs and tables at a single go is high and recurring.

This is a compact table and  chair mover cart. The height and weight of the chair and table cart is ample to accommodate even large sized folding tables. The chairs of the lifetime brand are very apt for this kind of cart as the cart can accommodate at least 20 of these lifetime chairs at one goes. A major help when in big offices too where there are conference halls and buffet rooms.

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CorningWare 3 Quart Portable Bakeware Set

Whether you are cooking a special dish for your family to enjoy at home or bringing your famous cobbler to a party at work, you can’t beat cooking in a ceramic dish for great results. Of course, when you travel with your delicious dish there is always a good chance it might tumble in your car and make quite a mess. If you love to cook and bake and enjoy sharing your dishes at parties, then you would surely enjoy this versatile CorningWare 3 Quart Portable Bakeware Set.

This handy portable CorningWare set includes a 3 quart covered container, a hot and cold pack, plus a sturdy carry bag with comfortable handles. CorningWare is perfect not only for baking, but it is great for food storage and it cleans up easily in the dishwasher, looking good as new each time. This set makes a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking.

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Hydraulic Stacker vs. Electric Stacker

Before deciding if you should purchase a hydraulic stacker or an electric stacker, take out the time to realize the benefits that accompany the more expensive motorized one.

The Electric Pallet Truck Stacker is also known as the Motorized Pallet Truck Stacker. This is a model introduced by Wesco and it is already hugely popular in the markets today. This piece of equipment is based on motor, so is best for hard usage and for a longer duration too. The Electric Pallet Stacker operates on battery and key.  The lift speed is estimated at 1.36” per second. The lowering speed too is 1.36” per second, under load. It has a built in charger that has a volt capacity of 120 V/ 15 A. the batteries are rechargeable and comes with an extended warranty. The other parts of the truck too come with a guarantee. This guarantee is of one year.

This particular model of pallet truck is easy to use and gives a lot of comfort to the user. The throttle of the Electric Pallet Truck Stacker has adjustable points for forward as well as reverse speeds. There are pre attached convenient lifts controls like lower lifts and higher lifts. Other attachments include horns, electro magnetic disk brakes, etc. the disk brakes have an automatic feature that allows for a specific dead man feature.

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Lift Truck Manufacturers

There are many different corporations that manufacture lifting equipment all across America. The trick of a smart distributor is to connect with a few assorted companies. Like this when he has a deal with a customer on the west coast, he will have a supplier next to his customer. This is important in all fields but it is of extreme necessity when dealing with such items as lift equipment where the freight cost are exorbitant.

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Corporate America

America, Home of the brave! The USA is home to the leading equipment manufacturers in all different fields. Software, hardware, industrial uses, business uses, home uses, and just everyday practical things. Make sure to visit CSG-NOW.COM to stay informed about the latest trends!

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