Moving Cargo Up Staircases Has Never Been This Easy! Introducing the Wesco Stairking.

Wishing there’s an existing hand truck that can carry around those boilers, water tanks and hvac equipment from the truck to be placed at the basement of a house or up a huge laboratory or facility? People don’t need to wish for it anymore because that problem has already been answered. Sometimes, two or three people are still not enough to lift heavy objects from one place to another. This is the reason why the Wesco Stairking was created. It is the perfect solution designed to carry around those heavyweight stuffs without putting on a single scratch and giving the people back aches as well.

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The Wesco Stairking is an appliance truck powered by a rechargeable battery that can help a person lift and move his heavy load because it can go up and down the stairs. It makes the work appear so easy, right? If that boiler or water tank weighs around 850 pounds, it might somehow be a problem to several people who would carry it but definitely not with the Stairking. It has a high torque, 50 amp motor combined with a direct drive industrial gearbox that makes this truck’s lifting job possible.

People might be wondering just exactly what makes this thing work in order to move their much needed heavy stuffs. Well, it all boils down to its components. The Stairking has a direct drive gearbox, lifting chains with a 9,600 pound combined strength, a high torque, 50 amp motor, sealed rechargeable maintenance-free battery, an automatic rewind assembly in order to remove the slack from the belt before tightening it, a ratchet belt handle tightening assembly and a fingertip switch to control the direction of travel whether up or down. Complicated? Doesn’t seem like it.

Using Stair king to move those boilers, water tanks and hvac equipment is easy. The operator just needs to pin the belt together, tighten the ratchet handle to make sure the loads are really secured, tilt it back and then press the switch either up or down. He just simply balances the load and the stairking is good to go.

The main rolling wheels of this appliance truck helps lift it up over the stairs constantly and smoothly. Also, it has oversized rollers to allow it to be stable even when it’s moved through some wet or slippery surfaces.

Wesco Stairking comes in two heights, 66 and 72 inches, and with a wide range of accessories. It can be turned into a mini fork truck using a WLF aluminum winch lift attachment set with a braking winch lift that stays in position where it’s left. The slip-on platform model SP-20 is used when full support of the product is required while model NE-28 slip-on nose extension adds support for soft items such as boxes. A 4-wheel support is provided by the super wheel attachment. With its 2 10-inch inflated tires, not only does it remain balanced but also helps lift and move objects over long distances even on rough surfaces. If one’s hvac equipment is placed on a box inside a truck, a nose extension combined with a super wheel and slip-on platform can be used to minimize the chances of getting the bottom of box torn. See how this wesco stairking power stairclimber can be very useful in a lot of ways? It can absolutely handle even the most difficult lifting jobs at hand.

Don’t want to get into trouble carrying heavy loads around? Of course, people would always prefer or choose the easiest and safest way to do their tough jobs. Starting today, it doesn’t matter whether they need to move boilers, water tanks, hvac equipment or any other items. If things are too heavy that it gives people a difficult time carrying them up and down those several number of steps in a stairway, simply use the Wesco Stairking and it will certainly do the rest of the heavy work that’s needed to be done.

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