Magliner Two Handle Hand Truck

The Magliner TWO (2) Handle Hand Truck with ten inch (10″) pneumatic wheels is now being offered with the usual FREE SHIPPING but also at a 10% off the already low everyday price. This is a light weight, sturdy, aluminum hand truck. It has a straight back and requires two hands to hold on to the two easy grip handles. It can carry up to five hundred (500) pounds of cargo. Do you have boxes to stack? Files to move? Cases to move into retail store? This is the hand truck for your every need.
Please not that this item, MAGLINE 116-UA-1060 is not shipped assembled and requires assembly upon arrival to the destination you choose. Although it is fairly simple to put together, remember we are always available to help with any questions or steps you may need assistance with in the assembly process. The directions sent with the Magliner Two Handle hand truck are easy to read and follow. Four accessories are available to add to this model to make it even more versatile. The combination of the accessories and the two handle grip, gives even more mobility and safety for your workers. Check it out! You will see a great piece of equipment!

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