Get to Know More about Heavy Duty Pallet Jacks

Heavy duty pallet jacks are the type of tools used in lifting and moving pallets. Pallet jacks are also termed as pallet trucks, jiggers and pump trucks. Pallets are horizontal even transport structures that are responsible for supporting different kinds of goods in a stable manner.
To have a definite view in this type of tool, a manual pallet jack has wheels and forks. Its front wheels are built inside the last parts of the forks. While the hydraulic jack is being raised or lifted, the forks get separated in a vertical position from the front wheels which forces the load to be lifted upward until it is above the ground.
There are two types of pallet jacks. These are the manual pallet jacks and the powered pallet jacks.
Manual Pallet Jacks
As the name implies, a manual one is hand operated. You need to exert some effort in lifting the hydraulic jacks. This is only appropriate for lighter pallet loads found in small-scale stockrooms and industrial businesses.
Powered Pallet Jacks
On the other hand, electric walkies are termed as electric pallet trucks, single or double pallet jacks and walkies. Powered types are built with motors which enable them to lift and move heavier stacked pallets. They also come with platforms in which the user can stand when he is moving pallets in a warehouse of loading and unloading of crates from trucks. To make the powered pallet jack work, you need to move the handle’s throttle in a forward or backward motion. You need to steer the handle towards your intended direction.

To turn off this machine, you just need to push the dead man’s switch or the brake.
There are some disadvantages when using heavy duty pallet jacks especially concerning their operational limitations. First, you will be unable to use the reversible pallets. Second, there will be no deck boards for double-faced non reversible types. Lastly, there is only a two way entry in a notched stinger because the notches do not permit the forks to be inserted.
The standard appearance of heavy duty pallet jacks is as follows. Based on the North American industry, pallet jacks have forks with a seven inch width. The fork width is the measurement between the outer edges of each fork. The fork’s length can be 36 inches, 42 inches or even 78 inches.

The fork’s height can either be lowered or raised. A lowered height is available in 2.9 inches while a raised height is available in 7.5 inches or higher. Heavy duty pallet movers are the tools to boost your work productivity while saving your back from getting an injury. With this tool, the work flow will be faster and your business can increase its work volume too.

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