The ESCALERA STAIRCAT is proudly made in the United States of America.  The STAIR CAT is one of the finest, strongest, most reliable battery powered stair climbers on the market today.  Used around the world by many different types of businesses, warehouses and private companies, the ESCLAERA STAIRCAT is an exceptional piece of modern day equipment.  Whether there is product that needs to be moved across a flat surface or up several flights of stairs, this hand truck can do the job.

So, what needs to be moved, delivered or stored?  Any number of things can be transported from one location to another with this powerful hand truck!

•    Computers that have large main frames, etc.
•    Vending machines including snack machines and beverage machines
•    Furniture of all sizes
•    Exercise equipment, treadmills, weight benches
•    Bathtubs or showers
•    Appliances including refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers
•    Fireplace inserts or wood stoves
•    Copiers
•    Hot water heaters or water cooler systems
•    Large TVs or entertainment centers
•    Video games
•    Cabinets including countertops
•    Juke boxes
•    Personal or business safes
•    File cabinets
•    Air conditioner units, including window units
•    Etc.

Moving these large items can easily be done with one (1) worker, trained on using the stair climber safely.  Video instructions can be found on the Internet.  Videos on how these amazing stair climbers tackle any number of jobs are also easily available.  The videos show in great detail how the ESCALERA works, moving up stairs and down stairs. Because it uses battery power, the ESCALERA STAIR CLIMBER works like a robot, making a second, third or fourth employee not necessary.  As with all hand trucks, whether battery powered or manual hand trucks, safety is the major factor.  Never operate a hand truck without first learning how to use it on a day to day basis.  Injury to an employee is not something that a boss, supervisor or owner ever wants to happen.

Have a look at the OSHA website for a complete view of safety guidelines for motorized hand trucks. The materials used to construct these hand trucks is a tough tempered aluminum alloy.  The aluminum alloy makes it strong than magnesium but much lighter than steel.  Loading capacity of  these stair climbers is seven hundred (700) pounds for the sixty (60) inch tall model and twelve hundred (1200) pounds for the taller, seventy two (72) inch model.  Both of these models are twenty four (24) inches wide, making either of these capable of going through any standard size door.  The size of the load, both width and height, should be taken into consideration for safety and for undamaged delivery of the product.

The battery can be powered with a single overnight charge and it is ready for the next day of work.  It is suggested that a battery pack be purchased when ordering this stair climber.  The battery is easy to change in the field and can be done with a few easy to do movements.

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