Are you a multi-task professional working in today’s world?  Do you use equipment that supplies more than one need for a job? Do you need equipment that can be used for any number of projects?   The Deluxe Multi-Media H. Wilson Audio Visual Cart is an excellent option for the multi-tasked professional.  This audio visual cart is a deluxe presentation station.  It is a multi-level cart that has storage, shelves, and multiple platforms and also has adjustable capabilities.

The cabinet provides lockable storage, helping to secure reference materials, books, or any number of other needed equipment. It’s not real practical to use these as a chair cart or a table cart. The doors and platforms are all have locking capabilities.  Two (2) sets of keys are included with the purchase of the H. Wilson Multi-Media Cart.  There are multiple platforms that can hold projection equipment, speakers, laptops and a drop down shelf to use as a handy shelf desk. The drop down shelf is sturdy enough to use as a mini desk for writing or holding books. Plus this amazing cart can be moved from one place to another easily.

Versatile is the one word description for this professional piece of equipment that makes a great audio visual cart.  The split top surface is adjustable to several different heights.  There is a three (3) plug outlet that is UL approved with a fifteen (15) foot chord which also provides chord management when wrapped to prevent dragging the chord which is a safety plus.

The laminate finish comes in two colors.  One color option is the versatile gray or the standard professional black.  The surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth or duster.  The casters are ‘silent rolling’ which means there is little noise made when moving this cart across hard floors, cement or carpet.  Two (2) of the four (4) rolling casters are equipped with locks which stop the cart when needed and prevents the cart from moving until the locks are released.  The cart weighs one hundred thirteen (113) pounds which makes it easy to use but should not be picked up by one person.  When the platform is lowered, the drop leaf side shelf is down, the entire multi-media cart converts into a solid box like cabinet.

The audio visual mobile presentation cart has become a vital part of business today because the world is more visual now than ever before.   The cart that comes with a locking cabinet for storage increases the value and use to your business, school, church, or office.  The adjusting shelves and platforms make this an excellent option for displaying products or equipment.  Then it is compact enough to fit into a closet for easy storage until it is needed for the next job or project.

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