Compact Chair and Table Cart

Some carts can move chairs and some other carts can move tables, but the Compact Chair and Table Cart  can do both simultaneously. The one amazing feature of the Compact Chair and Table Cart is that it can carry a lot of chairs and tables at one go. The approximate number of loads that it can carry is 24 folding chairs and 8 folding tables. The Compact Chair and and table cart that can be seen at Handtrucks2go, offers flexibility and convenience at its best. The user can be guaranteed that there would no problem in using the cart in office, warehouses, dining halls, hospitals, etc. where the need to  move chairs and tables at a single go is high and recurring.

This is a compact table and  chair mover cart. The height and weight of the chair and table cart is ample to accommodate even large sized folding tables. The chairs of the lifetime brand are very apt for this kind of cart as the cart can accommodate at least 20 of these lifetime chairs at one goes. A major help when in big offices too where there are conference halls and buffet rooms.

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