Moving Cargo Up Staircases Has Never Been This Easy! Introducing the Wesco Stairking.

Wishing there’s an existing hand truck that can carry around those boilers, water tanks and hvac equipment from the truck to be placed at the basement of a house or up a huge laboratory or facility? People don’t need to wish for it anymore because that problem has already been answered. Sometimes, two or three people are still not enough to lift heavy objects from one place to another. This is the reason why the Wesco Stairking was created. It is the perfect solution designed to carry around those heavyweight stuffs without putting on a single scratch and giving the people back aches as well.

Did you know that many companies can reduce their insurance premiums by getting an electric stair climbing hand truck? It is also recommended by Osha. Call your insurance company today to see if it will decrease your premiums.

The Wesco Stairking is an appliance truck powered by a rechargeable battery that can help a person lift and move his heavy load because it can go up and down the stairs. It makes the work appear so easy, right? If that boiler or water tank weighs around 850 pounds, it might somehow be a problem to several people who would carry it but definitely not with the Stairking. It has a high torque, 50 amp motor combined with a direct drive industrial gearbox that makes this truck’s lifting job possible.

People might be wondering just exactly what makes this thing work in order to move their much needed heavy stuffs. Well, it all boils down to its components. The Stairking has a direct drive gearbox, lifting chains with a 9,600 pound combined strength, a high torque, 50 amp motor, sealed rechargeable maintenance-free battery, an automatic rewind assembly in order to remove the slack from the belt before tightening it, a ratchet belt handle tightening assembly and a fingertip switch to control the direction of travel whether up or down. Complicated? Doesn’t seem like it.

Using Stair king to move those boilers, water tanks and hvac equipment is easy. The operator just needs to pin the belt together, tighten the ratchet handle to make sure the loads are really secured, tilt it back and then press the switch either up or down. He just simply balances the load and the stairking is good to go.

The main rolling wheels of this appliance truck helps lift it up over the stairs constantly and smoothly. Also, it has oversized rollers to allow it to be stable even when it’s moved through some wet or slippery surfaces.

Wesco Stairking comes in two heights, 66 and 72 inches, and with a wide range of accessories. It can be turned into a mini fork truck using a WLF aluminum winch lift attachment set with a braking winch lift that stays in position where it’s left. The slip-on platform model SP-20 is used when full support of the product is required while model NE-28 slip-on nose extension adds support for soft items such as boxes. A 4-wheel support is provided by the super wheel attachment. With its 2 10-inch inflated tires, not only does it remain balanced but also helps lift and move objects over long distances even on rough surfaces. If one’s hvac equipment is placed on a box inside a truck, a nose extension combined with a super wheel and slip-on platform can be used to minimize the chances of getting the bottom of box torn. See how this wesco stairking power stairclimber can be very useful in a lot of ways? It can absolutely handle even the most difficult lifting jobs at hand.

Don’t want to get into trouble carrying heavy loads around? Of course, people would always prefer or choose the easiest and safest way to do their tough jobs. Starting today, it doesn’t matter whether they need to move boilers, water tanks, hvac equipment or any other items. If things are too heavy that it gives people a difficult time carrying them up and down those several number of steps in a stairway, simply use the Wesco Stairking and it will certainly do the rest of the heavy work that’s needed to be done.

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DJ Carts: The Disc Jockey’s Moving Equipment

DJ carts are important for disc jockeys, musicians and bands. We all know these artists are required to perform in different venues. If you are a part of this group, then you might highly consider investing in the best DJ carts.

Has music conquered your solitary world? This might be true for DJs or disc jockeys. Music plays a good role in a DJs life since they earn a living from it. If you think that a DJ’s work is easy just because he only plays your music, it is not as easy as it seems. Your DJ on the line does not only play your favorite music, he also does some lifting. A music player turned to a heavy weight lifter? Yes, your DJ also does some lifting of his equipment. But his work of equipment lifting is lessened with the help of DJ carts.

Disc jockeys have a lot of stuff to bring in their work place, especially if they are the moving disc jockeys, the hired or invited DJs. These individuals are the DJs who are always on the go. Of course, several of these music pros prefer using their own DJ equipment so that they can deliver the best music to their audience. They can deliver the best music with the equipment they are most familiar with. Disc jockeys are already around during the 19th century. Back then, they only use manual moving and lifting of their equipment. So as you can notice, DJs have also perfect bodies. But today, that moving stuff will be lessened with the help of DJ carts. Since our world has entered the generation of the newest technologies, the equipment has also become bigger and hipper. Can they carry bigger equipment with just their arms?

Examples of DJ equipment that need to be placed on DJ carts are large speakers, heavy multitasking media players, a huge collection of records and discs, microphones, long cables and a lot more. If DJs would carry all these stuffs with just their bare arms, they cannot possibly work their best throughout the night because of exhaustion! They cannot possibly be lively anymore because of the tiring lifting work. We all know that DJs must be energetic and lively so that their audience would not get sleepy from their messed up entertaining job!

DJ carts come in several styles and sizes. Some are made from wood, plastic and metal with a decorative finish. Some carts are large enough to carry two or three huge speakers. Just to be sure, only load the prescribed weight for every type of cart. The cost of the carts depends on the company’s pricing. For more details about these carts, log on to online stores specializing on DJ equipment and carts.

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Get to Know More about Heavy Duty Pallet Jacks

Heavy duty pallet jacks are the type of tools used in lifting and moving pallets. Pallet jacks are also termed as pallet trucks, jiggers and pump trucks. Pallets are horizontal even transport structures that are responsible for supporting different kinds of goods in a stable manner.
To have a definite view in this type of tool, a manual pallet jack has wheels and forks. Its front wheels are built inside the last parts of the forks. While the hydraulic jack is being raised or lifted, the forks get separated in a vertical position from the front wheels which forces the load to be lifted upward until it is above the ground.
There are two types of pallet jacks. These are the manual pallet jacks and the powered pallet jacks.
Manual Pallet Jacks
As the name implies, a manual one is hand operated. You need to exert some effort in lifting the hydraulic jacks. This is only appropriate for lighter pallet loads found in small-scale stockrooms and industrial businesses.
Powered Pallet Jacks
On the other hand, electric walkies are termed as electric pallet trucks, single or double pallet jacks and walkies. Powered types are built with motors which enable them to lift and move heavier stacked pallets. They also come with platforms in which the user can stand when he is moving pallets in a warehouse of loading and unloading of crates from trucks. To make the powered pallet jack work, you need to move the handle’s throttle in a forward or backward motion. You need to steer the handle towards your intended direction.

To turn off this machine, you just need to push the dead man’s switch or the brake.
There are some disadvantages when using heavy duty pallet jacks especially concerning their operational limitations. First, you will be unable to use the reversible pallets. Second, there will be no deck boards for double-faced non reversible types. Lastly, there is only a two way entry in a notched stinger because the notches do not permit the forks to be inserted.
The standard appearance of heavy duty pallet jacks is as follows. Based on the North American industry, pallet jacks have forks with a seven inch width. The fork width is the measurement between the outer edges of each fork. The fork’s length can be 36 inches, 42 inches or even 78 inches.

The fork’s height can either be lowered or raised. A lowered height is available in 2.9 inches while a raised height is available in 7.5 inches or higher. Heavy duty pallet movers are the tools to boost your work productivity while saving your back from getting an injury. With this tool, the work flow will be faster and your business can increase its work volume too.

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Design Your Own Custom Hand Trucks to Cater Your Needs

Whether for your small business or even for personal use at home, moving things from one point to another is easier with the help of a hand truck. A hand truck is a simple machine with a rectangular frame and a handle on top. Furthermore, it normally has shallow platform and wheels at the bottom. Objects are stacked on the shallow platform.

There are numerous types of hand trucks or machine rollers that are available. This depends on the different needs. Therefore, manufacturers developed hand trucks in different models with distinct functions. The materials used may either be steel, aluminum tube, aluminum extrusion, or high impact plastic.

Commercial hand trucks used for retail businesses such as food deliveries and restaurants are usually light-weight models. Although smaller in size, these are structurally strong. Meanwhile, industrial hand trucks have a wide frame feature to cater heavier loads. Since they are used for heavy cargos, the critical stress points of the tool are double welded to avoid collapse. The platforms are designed to hold cargos weighing up to about 1000 pounds.

If the workplace where a hand truck is to be used requires limited use of these tools, there are narrow-framed custom build your own hand trucks available. These are designed with continuous handles to transport boxes in a high stacking manner. You can also choose lightweight hand trucks designed with folding handles for easier storage after use.

With all the varieties of hand trucks, manufacturers feel that there is the importance to offer clients with custom hand trucks that will specifically cater to the needs of people from different industries. Custom hand trucks can be made based on your choices, requirements, and budget. To help you design your own custom hand truck, it is recommended that you visit some websites that will offer their expert services in designing your own hand trucks.

Before you get intimidated, designing hand trucks is just simple and easy. Do not worry! Typically, it takes only 5 steps to complete the task of creating your custom hand trucks.

The first step is to select a frame depending on the function the tool. Secondly, you need to pick a handle that fits the frame selected. You then need to select a platform or the nose plate that matches the selected frame and handle. Next, you should select type of wheels. The number of wheels needed for the hand truck depends on the function and the weight requirements. And lastly, choose additional accessories for the hand truck to perform better.

You need to remember that you can’t always just choose the parts you want to use to make your own hand truck as there are some parts which are not compatible with the others. It is better to seek help from experts that has a system that can help with the best combinations. Without a doubt, you can find excellent sellers of rocknroller musician carts and spare parts that offer such services.

In conclusion, it is a very smart decision to buy customized hand truck that will best serve your needs in your business. Not only will it make moving loads easier, safer and more convenient, it will likewise avoid the risk of getting your workers injured.


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Safety Measures in Using a Hand Truck

When using a hand cart, there are some safety measures you should follow. Thankfully, this article will provide you safety measures that you need to understand when using the hand truck.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is the weight of the load you need to handle. Checking the weight of the goods before putting them on your truck is very important for your safety. Make sure that the weight is within the limits of the truck. If the truck can only handle 250 pounds of goods, then it should not be used to transport goods of 500 pounds or more. There are types of equipment that can handle these loads.

Why would you avoid overloading? This could cause damage to your truck. Furthermore, this could injure the person handling the machine too when an accident happens. Look for the weight capacity of the truck on its frame. You must also check the tires and wheels of the truck before using it. Worn out tires usually increase the physical stress on the machine and this may also cause improper control. This is especially important with power stair climbers such as the lectrotruck.

In placing the goods, pushing the tongue of the truck under the luggage will allow you to easily load the materials. Keep all heavy cargo at the bottom to maintain a good balance of the luggage. You must always remember that the base is the part that handles the weight. The vertical support will only function as a resting place and will only provide light support for the goods. Arranging the goods according to sizes and weights will allow you to keep good balance and prevent damages to lighter goods. Securing the cargo with traps will also allow you to carry loads securely and safely. If your hand truck does not come with straps, make sure that the truck is tilting more towards you.

The height of all the stacked goods should not go beyond the handles and should not prevent you from getting a clear view of where you’re heading. In order to keep proper control over the truck, be aware of the type of surface and whether it is an incline or a decline, and keep a steady speed. Pushing the hand truck is always better than pulling it. But if you’re working on an incline or ramp, pulling the truck behind you is fine. Using a pair of gloves will prevent you from getting your hands hurt in between the luggage cart and the handle and it could also add to extra grip for handling.

Make sure that you safely push or pull the truck to the destination. If you need to transport many items, making several trips will always be a better option than taking the risk of overloading it. Learning how to use your hand trucks safely and practicing the correct methods will allow you to prevent from suffering back and muscle injuries. Safety is always important and you need to always keep this in mind when you are in the workplace.

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Soundproofing Industry Takes To Handtrucks

The newest rage sweeping through the soundproofing industry is high quality Damping Compounds like the Green Glue brand noiseproofing compound. The great think is that this compound is sold in Green Glue Tubes of 12 tubes per box and these boxes are easily piled up on any conventional handtruck like the Magliner.

Even when you buy the 5 gallon buckets of Green Glue they still come in boxes but due to their bulkier size you are better off with the long nose attachment on your hand truck. The real fun is when you are using Mass Loaded Vinyl for your soundproofing needs and van have some rolls weighing over 200 pounds per roll then you may be better off with a convertible magliner hand truck that can carry a few rolls at a time.

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The ESCALERA STAIRCAT is proudly made in the United States of America.  The STAIR CAT is one of the finest, strongest, most reliable battery powered stair climbers on the market today.  Used around the world by many different types of businesses, warehouses and private companies, the ESCLAERA STAIRCAT is an exceptional piece of modern day equipment.  Whether there is product that needs to be moved across a flat surface or up several flights of stairs, this hand truck can do the job.

So, what needs to be moved, delivered or stored?  Any number of things can be transported from one location to another with this powerful hand truck!

•    Computers that have large main frames, etc.
•    Vending machines including snack machines and beverage machines
•    Furniture of all sizes
•    Exercise equipment, treadmills, weight benches
•    Bathtubs or showers
•    Appliances including refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers
•    Fireplace inserts or wood stoves
•    Copiers
•    Hot water heaters or water cooler systems
•    Large TVs or entertainment centers
•    Video games
•    Cabinets including countertops
•    Juke boxes
•    Personal or business safes
•    File cabinets
•    Air conditioner units, including window units
•    Etc.

Moving these large items can easily be done with one (1) worker, trained on using the stair climber safely.  Video instructions can be found on the Internet.  Videos on how these amazing stair climbers tackle any number of jobs are also easily available.  The videos show in great detail how the ESCALERA works, moving up stairs and down stairs. Because it uses battery power, the ESCALERA STAIR CLIMBER works like a robot, making a second, third or fourth employee not necessary.  As with all hand trucks, whether battery powered or manual hand trucks, safety is the major factor.  Never operate a hand truck without first learning how to use it on a day to day basis.  Injury to an employee is not something that a boss, supervisor or owner ever wants to happen.

Have a look at the OSHA website for a complete view of safety guidelines for motorized hand trucks. The materials used to construct these hand trucks is a tough tempered aluminum alloy.  The aluminum alloy makes it strong than magnesium but much lighter than steel.  Loading capacity of  these stair climbers is seven hundred (700) pounds for the sixty (60) inch tall model and twelve hundred (1200) pounds for the taller, seventy two (72) inch model.  Both of these models are twenty four (24) inches wide, making either of these capable of going through any standard size door.  The size of the load, both width and height, should be taken into consideration for safety and for undamaged delivery of the product.

The battery can be powered with a single overnight charge and it is ready for the next day of work.  It is suggested that a battery pack be purchased when ordering this stair climber.  The battery is easy to change in the field and can be done with a few easy to do movements.

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The WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK is BATTERY POWERED!  What does battery powered mean in a hand truck?  It means:

•    Strength in moving larger loads;
•    Longer distance moving power;
•    Automatic moving, up or down most ramps;
•    Machine powered, it’s a real mover!
•    And much, much more!

Along with the ability to convert from a two (2) wheel hand truck to a four (4) wheel platform hand truck, the battery powered models can move heavy loads with the touch of a switch.  There is zero human power needed because this amazing WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR COVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK operates mechanically.  Because it is battery powered, the WESCO CORBA PRO JUNIOR can move up a ramp and down a ramp with ease.  The stop and go option is operated with the switch.  It can stop easily and in the middle of the ramp, if necessary.   The speed is controlled with the touch of a fingertip and can be disengaged for manual moving.

The four (4) wheel platform truck version can move as much as twelve hundred (1200) pounds.  If there is a reason to not use the battery power, the stability of this convertible hand truck can be easily operated by hand with very little effort.  The rechargeable battery is reliable but should be charged when necessary.  An overnight charge should be sufficient to give many hours of work the following day.  A charger is included when the WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK is ordered and purchased.  It is suggested that an extra battery pack be ordered which includes two (2) batteries and one (1) case for easy storage.

Two (2) other options for the WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR are a thirty (30) inch folding nose for the platform convertible version and a platform deck that fits the four (4) wheel version for more secure stacking of products during transportation.  While these two (2) options are not required for excellent operation of the PRO JUNIOR, the two (2) options will add to the flexibility and ability of this hand truck.  When purchasing a convertible model of most hand trucks, it is like purchasing two (2) hand trucks in one (1).  When looking for a versatile, powerful mover, a convertible hand truck is a great option.

It operates as a stand up, straight backed model, as well as a flatbed hand truck.  Why purchase two (2) hand trucks when one (1) will do?  If one convertible hand truck will work for the things that need to be moved, transported or delivered, consider the WESCO COBRA PRO JUNIOR CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK.   A great choice for your business!

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Are you a multi-task professional working in today’s world?  Do you use equipment that supplies more than one need for a job? Do you need equipment that can be used for any number of projects?   The Deluxe Multi-Media H. Wilson Audio Visual Cart is an excellent option for the multi-tasked professional.  This audio visual cart is a deluxe presentation station.  It is a multi-level cart that has storage, shelves, and multiple platforms and also has adjustable capabilities.

The cabinet provides lockable storage, helping to secure reference materials, books, or any number of other needed equipment. It’s not real practical to use these as a chair cart or a table cart. The doors and platforms are all have locking capabilities.  Two (2) sets of keys are included with the purchase of the H. Wilson Multi-Media Cart.  There are multiple platforms that can hold projection equipment, speakers, laptops and a drop down shelf to use as a handy shelf desk. The drop down shelf is sturdy enough to use as a mini desk for writing or holding books. Plus this amazing cart can be moved from one place to another easily.

Versatile is the one word description for this professional piece of equipment that makes a great audio visual cart.  The split top surface is adjustable to several different heights.  There is a three (3) plug outlet that is UL approved with a fifteen (15) foot chord which also provides chord management when wrapped to prevent dragging the chord which is a safety plus.

The laminate finish comes in two colors.  One color option is the versatile gray or the standard professional black.  The surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth or duster.  The casters are ‘silent rolling’ which means there is little noise made when moving this cart across hard floors, cement or carpet.  Two (2) of the four (4) rolling casters are equipped with locks which stop the cart when needed and prevents the cart from moving until the locks are released.  The cart weighs one hundred thirteen (113) pounds which makes it easy to use but should not be picked up by one person.  When the platform is lowered, the drop leaf side shelf is down, the entire multi-media cart converts into a solid box like cabinet.

The audio visual mobile presentation cart has become a vital part of business today because the world is more visual now than ever before.   The cart that comes with a locking cabinet for storage increases the value and use to your business, school, church, or office.  The adjusting shelves and platforms make this an excellent option for displaying products or equipment.  Then it is compact enough to fit into a closet for easy storage until it is needed for the next job or project.

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Are you looking for the perfect compact hand truck? If you are, Hand trucks 2go has the perfect compact hand truck for you. These small hand trucks are designed to be small in size but large in service. These small hand trucks are solid and built to last whether it is used every day or for that special vacation. has partnered with these companies:
• Norris/Clipper Carts
• Rock N Roller
• Remin
• Wesco
• Gruv-Gear
• Magliner
to offer our customers the best compact hand truck for every need whether it is for business or personal use. Economically priced, the price ranges start at a low price of less than two hundred dollars ($200) American to a price of only four hundred dollars ($400) American. The Wesco Mini Mover Folding Hand Truck has a moving capacity of one hundred ten (110) pounds but folds up small enough to fit inside most standard suitcases. These handy compact hand trucks are excellent for moving luggage without wheels through busy airports.
While you are shopping, take a few minutes to watch the video on our website. It will give all the information you might need to help make a decision and place an order today on the website,, or by calling the Customer Service Desk at the toll free number or (732) 276-7164. Our business hours are Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 AM EST to 7:00 PM EST and on Friday from 9:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST. We are closed on Saturday.

The space saving design is made possible because these compact hand trucks fold and fits into small storage spaces, car trucks or airplane storage areas. The elastic straps are for securing the load it is meant to transport. The aluminum construction makes these folding models lightweight and easy to carry. The approximate weight is a bit over seven (7) pounds.

FREE SHIPPING is included for most of out moving equipment  for all of the compact models listed today. Each of these items is easily shipped from the warehouse in Pennsylvania with zero sales tax if ordered outside of New Jersey, USA. After your order is placed, you can expect delivery of your order after about five (5) business days which is the approximate time it will leave the warehouse. After you receive your order, if you would like to do so, please come back to our website and leave a review. We welcome your input. specializes in superb customer service with its “Best Price on the Web Guarantee” and, as advertised, our easy Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee. We welcome government contracts, too. If you are a corporate buyer, contact us for volume pricing and special discounts. You can shop securely on any time.

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ADJUSTABLE AUDIO VISUAL CART AND PRESENTATION STAND is a top seller of audio visual carts and presentation stands. We offer FREE SHIPPING and zero sales tax if ordered from outside of the State of New Jersey. The H. Wilson WPS4HDE is equipped with a handy seven (7) outlet plug on the side for easy electrical connections for projectors, computers or other required equipment. This mobile computer cart has four flat work surfaces. It is easily moved from one place to another on four (4) heavy duty rolling casters. Two of the casters lock for stability while using this cart. The cart itself weighs only sixty eight (68) pounds.

Another plus is this cart comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty! Shipping is from a warehouse in Alabama in approximately three (3) to five (5) business days. Orders can be placed by clicking on the ‘Add to Shipping Cart’ on the Details page or by calling our Customer Service Desk. If you have questions or need multiple items, we can help. Check out the Best Price on the Web guarantee along with the Money Back Guarantee on the side of this page. is THE place on the Web for equipment to move your product!

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Got mail? Of course you do! Then this three (3) shelf adjustable wire shelf is the mail service cart for your business or office whether it is a private office or government office. This handy cart will fill the bill for your mail room needs. Yes, it comes in two (2) sizes and has FREE SHIPPING. The Luxor LICWT3014 lists for only $124.99 American with zero (0) sales tax if ordered outside of the State of New Jersey. An order can be placed for one (1) cart or several. It’s up to you and the need you have for this piece of equipment. It has a lifetime warranty so it should be able to handle all of the letters, boxes, or packages you may have for years to come. Can we spell great deal? Of course! is a great place to shop for all of your merchandise or equipment moving needs. The motto “Count on Us to Keep You Moving” is not just a motto but it is a business model for our company. The friendly associates at the Customer Service Desk can be reached by calling our toll free phone number or by calling the regular 732 area code number.

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Magliner Two Handle Hand Truck

The Magliner TWO (2) Handle Hand Truck with ten inch (10″) pneumatic wheels is now being offered with the usual FREE SHIPPING but also at a 10% off the already low everyday price. This is a light weight, sturdy, aluminum hand truck. It has a straight back and requires two hands to hold on to the two easy grip handles. It can carry up to five hundred (500) pounds of cargo. Do you have boxes to stack? Files to move? Cases to move into retail store? This is the hand truck for your every need.
Please not that this item, MAGLINE 116-UA-1060 is not shipped assembled and requires assembly upon arrival to the destination you choose. Although it is fairly simple to put together, remember we are always available to help with any questions or steps you may need assistance with in the assembly process. The directions sent with the Magliner Two Handle hand truck are easy to read and follow. Four accessories are available to add to this model to make it even more versatile. The combination of the accessories and the two handle grip, gives even more mobility and safety for your workers. Check it out! You will see a great piece of equipment!

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Escalera Hand truck and Your safety

Are you ready to save some money? You’ve come to the right place and found the best piece of equipment for your moving needs! It is the Escalera Hand Truck!
Another money saver OSHA approvedtool is the Magliner PGA81UM43-3 which can save you money by moving more stock, making fewer trips, and moving it all better, faster, and safer. Productivity can be increased significantly, perhaps as much as twenty five (25%) percent! The more productive the company, the more it can do for the customer! This equipment not only reduces physical stress on your employees but virtually eliminates it because the Magliner Gemini is a CONVERTIBLE ELECTRIC HAND TRUCK! It can move more, further and faster than any manual hand truck. The Gemini is battery powered. It has a nose plate, wheels that stay inflated longer and not one but two caster brakes. The total weight, including the battery, is approximately one hundred twelve (112) pounds.

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Magliner Gemini Extra Large – VS – Raymond Cart

All aboard! The Magliner Gemini Magliner Gemini Extra Large electric motorized pallet jack is here. It has a twelve hundred fifty (1250) pound capacity to move the biggest loads. It is strong and versatile. It is light weight and easy to handle. This piece of equipment converts from a two wheel hand truck to a four wheel platform truck and back to a two wheel hand truck all with one piece of equipment and it does it with ease. Check out the capacity of this Magliner Gemini Extra Large model. This extra-large mover meets the industry high standards for moving the large loads. It is amazing. All of this is offered to you today at a price of less than $500.00. Yes, you read it right, less than $500.00!

Are you a buyer, project manager or supervisor? has corporate accounts! Along with FREE SHIPPING, the best price guarantee is offered for volume pricing and special discounts for corporate customers. Call our Customer Service Desk for all the information you will need to make a decision to help keep your bottom line in the black. Also inquire about our great deals on all of our Raymond Products. So partner with us today for a bright future together, by making your company one of the Corporate Accounts at

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